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About Us


To strengthen our community by empowering its most vulnerable members, at-risk mothers and their children, and providing them the tools they need to succeed.


As we sort through preparations to open this home, we anxiously await the day we can serve our community. Through providing housing, training, and provisions in a Christ-centered environment, our goal is to set them on a path for a brighter future together as a family unit. We want to provide a loving home and support system for pregnant and parenting women of any situation or walk of life making decisions to give life outside the womb to their babies. Our training programs, in-house and partnerships, will prepare them for various aspects of life, giving them the parenting support they need to raise a child. We welcome mothers of any race or religion into our living spaces, showing them the love and grace of Christ as we work together to prepare them for a successful future with their child. We hope to lessen the strain on the foster care program through giving birth mothers the help and support needed to keep their children.


We agree with the Southern Baptist Convention Statement of Faith, which can be found in detail HERE.

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