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One thing I’ve learned about myself since I decided to blog more often for the Home is that apparently I’m a pretty private person. Not one-on-one. In a small group or personally, I probably talk and share too much information. But in an online setting where anyone can read my details, I get serious stage fright. I know I’m doing a disservice to Hope 139 though by not sharing more! Y’all need updates! And I need each of you!

Sitting here at 26 weeks pregnant, I am baffled every day at how women do this with no support. Granted it’s a lot harder on me now at 36 than it was at 27 and 29, but there are some women who start this journey later in life than I did. They are my inspiration. And these women fighting to get their own lives on track so that they can keep custody of their children, they have my heart. It’s hard enough to keep your own life from being a disorganized dumpster fire when you have every resource available at your fingertips. But for women who have no background of love, no support system, relying on others to get them the resources they need? How do they even have a chance without someone there guiding and loving them? Let’s not judge what they could or should have done to keep them out of this boat in the first place. Knowledge comes after needs are met and love is shown.

I remember clearly the day I went to the 20 week anatomy scan with a 21 year old mom who would be in Hope 139 right now if it were open. She had no other person in her life to go with her, other than another case worker. I sat beside her as she found out she was having a baby girl. She cried with excitement and thought the baby already looked exactly like her. We left that appointment and went straight to Steak and Shake to eat and get milkshakes. Her excitement was short-lived when she began thinking about all the things she needed for a baby girl, and the fact that she was currently living in a hotel that Hope 139 donations were paying for. With her medical issues, she had a hard time finding and keeping a job. She honestly didn’t know if she’d get to take her baby home from the hospital knowing she didn’t have stable housing. Growing up bouncing around foster care herself, she knew exactly what the life her daughter could have would look like. But she wanted that baby girl and a life with her, a chance to be the mom she never had. She’d tried every resource available in Athens and there were literally no more options for her. The only and best option was us! Job training, parenting classes, constant supervision, daily meals, education ... the start of a new life. This is why we are working so hard to meet every detailed state regulation and every building requirement so we can receive our license ASAP.

I’m hesitant to share in public something big we are looking at until more details are certain, but I would ask that you pray fervently for guidance, direction, provision, and open hearts to our mission. You can always call, text, or email me anytime you want to get involved or have questions!

I’m so thankful for you reading this!

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