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Thoughts & Updates in the Wake of Controversial New Laws

In light of the recent legislation news coming out of New York, I felt that I should approach the topic and also update what’s going on around Hope 139 these days. First, I am as heartbroken and appalled as many of you are about the new Reproductive Health Act passed. As I sit here watching my own belly move like crazy due to the 35 week baby inside, I can’t imagine that there are people who wouldn't consider him or her alive, their own individual being. This post isn’t meant to start debate about the “reasons” because let’s be honest....if we’re debating the topic neither of us will change our minds based on a few targeted sentences over the internet. It is meant to reinforce why we’re working diligently to overcome strict state regulations, business codes, lack of finances, and any other excuse to provide an option for women who choose life. Because we are pro-life! All life.

As we head into a new era with possibly more states following New York’s lead, it’s time to stand up and take action for those making these difficult “health” decisions. I can’t imagine any reason a full-term baby would need to be first aborted through a long process then delivered to save the mother’s life, when an emergency cesarean would be faster, safer, and save the life of both. I personally know friends who have been through the tragedy of a stillborn baby, those who have had to make hard decisions about delivering early due to the risk for both mother and baby’s lives, and those who have been told the baby has a terminal illness and wouldn’t live long outside the womb. There are miracles in those and there has been devastation. What we must do, instead of condemning those who are forced with tough choices, is provide a way out. Hope. A place of love and support where all can know that they will be supported when they choose life. So often women don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We want to give that light!

As many of you know, our youngest son is adopted. To say it’s been easy for us would be a lie. To even say there haven’t been times we wished things were different would be a lie. But overall, I am thankful that his biological mother chose life for him. There’s no doubt that his medical condition at birth scared her to death. I don’t know if she knew about his issues prior to birth and carried him to term regardless, or if it was a total surprise to her. It would have been obvious on an ultrasound if those options were provided to her, but I don't know if she had access. She chose a very hard path either way. Whether she knew she was carrying a son whose medical needs were more than she could bear, or if in her surprise she felt the only choice was to abandon him at birth, her decision to keep the baby has forever changed his life and ours. Four surgeries, counseling, and much work and prayer later, I would venture to say that everyone who has encountered Maddox has felt his impact and couldn’t imagine life without him! It is worth it.

What we want for the women in our home is to see a way to keep their biological children with them permanently. While I believe that adoption is beautiful, Biblical, and necessary at times, I also strongly believe in empowering women to be mothers for their biological children. We can’t stop the cycle of abortion, foster care, child abuse, and neglect without helping the women who find themselves in unexpected situations. I know first hand through this very unexpected baby growing in me the challenges that come with this territory, and I have a supportive situation that makes choosing life easy and possible. How could we possibly tell women to choose life and not give them the skills needed to succeed? We can join in this together! We can make this a reality for people right here around us. I’m sure you know someone whose life has been affected in some way by these types of circumstances.

Here’s the really exciting news! It’s news that I’m hesitant to share as details are not final, but also news that I feel like must be shared now of all times, so that you know Hope is still coming and we have not given up the vision God gave me over a year ago and we have been working on the foundation since then. As you may know, there are many rules and requirements for the actual building. Believe me, if we could use just any house, we’d have been up and running long ago. After much searching and many prayers, we’ve found a property that we feel has all the potential and meets so many checkpoints. There’s so many details yet to work out, and that’s why I’ve been hesitant to share. But I wanted y’all, the people in it from the start, who share the same vision and hopes, to be aware of this possibility and PRAY HARD for details to work out! We’ve met there, prayed there, had opinions given on the property. The details to work out are big ones, and that’s where you come in! Would you pray fervently for:

  • The property to be ours if this is where God has planned

  • The neighbors to welcome us, community support

  • Zoning to be officially changed to suit our license

  • Renovations and plans to be provided, donated, funded

  • Drawings and blueprints to meet the exact needs we can’t even yet foresee Provision, clarity, direction

  • Funding

  • Protection of the Holy Spirit from spiritual warfare Anything else you think of that would apply

I will keep you all updated as things arise. Feel free to reach out anytime! We will soon be looking for more staff, interns, and volunteers.

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